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General Tree Care Services

By following the ISA Best Management Practices and the ANSI standards for tree care, we focus on pruning for health and safety and longevity of your tree. An ongoing pruning program to remove dead wood can encourage and stimulate tree growth and improve the tree’s overall health. We offer structural training, restoration, preventative care, grafting, fruit tree care & pruning, topiary & cloud pruning, espalier, twig & branch grafting, and caring for new to mature trees.

Tree Removals and Alternatives

While our objective is always to retain trees or return them to healthy, useful assets, sometimes they are better removed for safety and to prevent the further spread of diseases or pests. We will discuss all options with you so you can make an informed decision since removals are final. Services include stump grinding, cable & bracing, emergency storm response, and succession planting after a tree is removed. 

Commercial Property Services

We assess commercial trees for risk and liability to companies, their employees, and their clients. We work for condominium complexes, retail and service outlets and property management companies as well as religious, medical, educational, and institutional organizations. We also offer training for in-house maintenance staff to teach employees how to maintain and care for the trees and shrubs on their commercial properties.

Tree Insurance & Real Estate

We understand that a tree can add value and beauty to a property, but it can also be a liability if it is an unhealthy tree or in a dangerous location. When real estate agents need arborist reports or want to increase a property’s curb appeal, they call on Ladybug Arborists. Additionally, we prepare properties for sale, much like staging a home. For new homeowners, we can provide information on the types of trees in your yard and provide advice on future care. We can also provide tree valuations for insurance claims like fire, vandalism, accidents, or chemical damage.

Arborist Consulting Services

Take advantage of our wealth of knowledge about local trees and shrubs. A good management plan helps property owners determine the number and types of trees in their care, their condition, maintenance requirements, risk reduction, and reforestation. Consulting services also include tree protection during construction, post-construction remedies, tree inventory for long term planning, and warranty inspections.

Landscape Planning & Inspections

The right tree in the right place can save you money over the lifetime of your tree. An important factor in designing your landscape is the correct location of key features that impact your plants in the long run. We can prepare a design for you to follow or for us to install. We also perform landscape reviews and installation inspections to ensure compliance with contract documents, landscape construction specifications, ordinances, and rules & regulations. We are happy to provide a second opinion and evaluate recommendations from other companies. 

Workshops & Public Education

We can speak on a wide range of topics regarding urban forestry (for example planting, pruning, hazard assessment, and insect & disease management). Presentations are developed with the client’s needs in mind, whether it is for homeowners or maintenance personnel. We will develop a program to suit your needs. We also offer personalized one-on-one classes, group sessions, and corporate maintenance training classes.

Horticultural & Gardening Services

We can help out once a month, once a week or once in a while. We offer hand-weeding, deadheading, Integrated Pest Management, fall & spring cleanups, special event yard preparation, vegetable garden planting, absentee care, tree and shrub planting, garden restoration, rototilling, and seasonal potscaping arrangements. 

Plant Healthcare & Fertilization

Preventive maintenance helps keep trees in good health while reducing any insect, disease, or site problems. We can also tell when fertilization is the best route for treating trees and make the appropriate recommendations. Services include deep root fertilization, air-spade excavation, soil testing and amendments, mulching, and irrigation system audits. 

Insect & Disease Management

Ladybug Arborists evaluate trees using species norms, tree biology, soil science, and knowledge of regional pests and diseases. We look for signs and symptoms to determine current underlying problems affecting tree health in order to determine the best remedies and practices. Services include tree health diagnosis, treatment recommendations, bug barrier tree bands, as well as biological and cultural techniques. 

Contact Ladybug Arborists

Contact us to learn how we can help your trees and get a free estimate for our services.

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