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Local Artist Creates Beautiful Garden Art

Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A

Soon to be on display in Coaldale at the Birds of Prey Centre

I consider myself privileged to have worked along side Brenda Isaak Takao on both Coaldale’s Communities In Bloom Committee and the Coaldale Community Garden Society. As well as loving and living gardening she offers a unique talent – she is journeyman welder. I think that is what drew me to her right from the beginning. So few women enter these non-traditional roles that we bond easily. Her talents don’t stop at spectacular garden art. She is an accomplished painter as well. She describes her work is primarily “organic” letting her inner gardener out. Brenda didn’t start out to be welder. She graduated from University with an Education Degree. When she was at a crossroads, she had a talk with her father and decided to go into partnership with him in his business (Coaldale Iron Products Ltd.). She has since sold her shares to her brother to pursue her other talents. She is currently pondering a Master’s Degree in Art, Counselling or Horticulture. She is the smiling energy that keeps the Rotary Garden in Coaldale looking great. This is her second season as contract gardener and she has done a wonderful job maintaining it while adding her own personal flare. It is a little piece of floral heaven. Perhaps this is where she gets some of the inspiration for her artist works. If you want to see her hard work visit ‘Rotary Memorial Park (location 19th Ave & 13 Street, Coaldale). “It could not be situated in a better spot to sit down and enjoy a cold drink or an ice cream across from the Dairy Queen. Relax on a bench, or take a walk and enjoy the flowers and greenery. Source: Town of Coaldale Community Profile.”

With more time on her hands, her own yard is beginning a transformation. I believe her latest project is a gazebo. I can’t wait to see the final product. She has been an eager student learning how to take a more hands on approach to caring for her own trees. Her hard work is really starting to show.

Brenda is an excellent organizer. As Chair of the Coaldale Communities in Bloom Committee, she led the team of volunteers when they won 1st place in 2011. She has served as a CIB Provincial Judge for the past two years.

If you are looking for local unique stunning yard art or something to brighten up your office, Brenda is someone you should definitely contact.

Here are a few more examples of her work.

Cone Flower Room Divider

Step & Ornamental Rail

Flower Panels

Tree Notes

Daisy Dream


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