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How Can We Help Your Trees Today?

We specialize in urban tree care and providing educational information for the best long-term results.

Community Contributions

The main project we are currently working on is the Arboretum at the Birds of Prey Centre. This project is an extension of their existing facility that will help educate the public and promote a love of trees in the centre. For this project, we are increasing bird habitats by adding 400 new plants to the park, including an Ethno botanical garden (plants used by Canada's First Peoples as medicine, food, and other healing usages). There will be an emphasis on entomology and insect interpretation about all of the native species of insects and plant in our area. 

Comprehensive Tree Care & Advice

We combine formal arborist training and experience to preserve trees for our clients and future generations. As arborists, we offer tree pruning, tree removal, tree planting, tree healthcare, emergency tree care, and much more.

In addition to our tree care services, we provide educational information to our customers and recommended maintenance schedules. By adjusting some of their personal practices, such as watering volumes and frequency, they add to the success of their tree healthcare program. 

Maureen Sexsmith-West

ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A

ISA Tree Risk Assessor

ASCA Tree Appraiser

Tree Care Services

Complete arborist services for Lethbridge & southern Alberta.

Tree Removals and Alternatives

Commercial Property Services

Tree Insurance & Real Estate

Arborist Consulting Services

Landscape Planning & Inspections

Workshops & Public Education

Horticultural & Gardening Services

Plant Healthcare & Fertilization

Insect & Disease Management

Our passion for tree care goes beyond traditional arborist services—we share our wealth of knowledge with the community so everyone benefits. 

Learn the best ways to care for your trees through workshops and training sessions tailored to homeowners and property managers alike. 

We also encourage you to browse our blog for resources on specific techniques, practices, plans, and much more.

Educational Information for Homeowners & Property Managers

Contact Ladybug Arborists

Contact us to learn how we can help your trees and get a free estimate for our services.

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