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Why an Arborist vs a Landscaper?

Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A It seems this time of year, I find it increasingly difficult to find time to write many blog posts.  Even in the busiest of times, ongoing reading of industry news is essential to our ability to offer qualify, professional care.  In doing some professional development reading this weekend, I came across this article produced by the TCIA.  Worth a share here. In many regions, consumers are bombarded with companies offering tree care – from their lawn care company, handymen, property management companies and to landscape contractors.  Training to work in and around trees is not often something you ‘pick-up’ as a summer student.  It involves years of education and training as an apprentice under a qualified, experienced certified arborist.  While some tasks can be accomplished with little knowledge with little consequence, the health and safety of your tree should not be left in the hands of your local handyman.  Cheaper is cheaper – not better.  Often times, you get what you pay for.  Trees can be worth many thousands of dollars – don’t leave the care of this valuable investment to just anyone. We work regularly with contractors with whom I have observed and communicate with on a consistent basis so I can vouch for their knowledge and skills in their trade as a compliment for client services.  Knowing each other’s strengths and utilizing them appropriately benefits clients and their trees. Link to TCIA Article


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