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TRUNK INJECTIONS – SAFE AND EFFECTIVE Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A

Insects can be quite damaging not to mention annoying. They are indicators of other problems with the health of your plants. As always, I recommend you address the root of the problem before considering pest management products. Adjusting your watering habits, avoiding construction activity around trees and having your tree pruned regularly should be the first part of any pest management plan.

For example, aphids produce a sticky substance called honeydew that serves as a lure for ants and wasps. Dust sticks to it creating a sooty appearance to everything. Washing off your surfaces can help and using a jet spray with your garden hose can dislodge them temporarily. Some insects, like coulee gall adelgid which causes a swelling of new shoots on spruce trees, can be pruned or picked off. Other insects, however, can cause extensive damage and result in tree mortality. Many people object to using chemicals in their yards. While there are some biological controls such at BTK and insecticidal soap, all these have to be applied by spraying. Every surface around the tree is subject to the drift and dripping this process creates. Rinsing is often required before reentry of use areas.

In February of this year, Health Canada approved trunk injections to control specific pest issues. The great feature of this method is A CLOSED SYSTEM. Only insects eating plants parts are exposed to the product injected. In Eastern Canada, trunk injections have been used successfully to control Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorn Beetle – two invasive species that kill large stands of trees.

This means that it is applied directly into the plant – no spraying, no mess, no rinsing. What is even better about this system is that it is:





This is an additional benefit for the applicator, who no longer has to suit up in protective suits, respirators, rubber boots and latex gloves. I am pleased to advise you that we are first to offer this service in our Region. My other half, Grant K. Colling, is a licensed applicator, who brings years of training and experience as a Certified Arborist when it come to insects and disease issues on trees and shrubs. He has completed all the necessary licensing and training to offer trunk injections. These two qualifications (ISA Certification and Licensed Applicator) are the minimum requirements for this method of application. This ensures that the applicator has a true understanding of tree biology and insect identification. He is also the only authorized applicator of DutchTrig in our region, which is used to control Dutch Elm Disease. This is a ONE-TWO punch for pests and unique to other companies offering insect control in our region. Call us for a Free Evaluation to determine if this product is right for your trees (403) 634-3062 or (403) 327-9109.


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