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Fragrant and Colorful

Maureen Sexsmtih-West

ISA Certifed Arborist, PR4600A

Hot Pink Flowers of the Muckle Plum

One can’t help but notice the beautiful display of trees in flower this week. While some trees are just beginning to open their leaves, trees of the Prunus family are one of the first to put on a pretty, but short lived floral display. Colours range from white to hot pink. Too bad the wind was howling this week to shorten their big moment. Go for a walk or drive – get out and enjoy them while you can.

Pretty in Pink – Coaldale, AB

Trees in this genus include commonly names plants such as Mayday, Nanking Cherry, Sandcherry, Plums, Muckle Plum, Double Flowering Plum, Double Flowering Almond, and are characterized by their drupe fruit (stone fruits). The Muckle plum offers the great display of flowers with the fruit. There are two located on the south side of City Hall.

In Japan the Cherry Blossom Festival is a referred to as “Hanami”. Hanami is an important Japanese custom and is held all over Japan in spring. Hanami literally means viewing flowers, but it generally indicates cherry blossom viewing. It’s said that the origin of hanami dates back to more than one thousand years ago. The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan and is probably most beloved flower among the Japanese. The blooming of cherry blossoms signifies not only the arrival of spring but the beginning of the new academic year. The cherry blossom is a symbol of a bright future ahead.


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