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Declining Trees May Contribute to Global Warming

Reasons to Address Dead and Dying Trees

By Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist

I have long understood that trees in decline or those suffering from other stresses (such as drought or topping cuts) attract a wide range of insects and diseases. Trees release pheromones that are interpreted by a wide range of insects that benefit from weakened trees. Some transport diseases that result in serious infections and decay. This often accelerates the process of decline. When the ‘host’ tree is exhausted or populations reach a threshold level, pests migrate to the next suitable tree in the neighbourhood.

An assessment by our qualified personnel will help you identify the contributing reasons of tree decline. A plan of action can be developed to improve health and safety and to prevent movement of problems that can affect other trees in proximity. Resolve to care for your trees this year to reduce your environmental impact.



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