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Great Gardening Wisdom

Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A

I had the great pleasure of listening to the wisdom of some real veterans of gardening at the Horticultural Society Meeting last night. I truer word was never said – DON’T BY CHEAP TOOLS – they won’t last and you will have to replace them often. Clarence Sterenberg and Mike Stefancsik

brought along some great examples of garden tools through the ages – sharing stories of their youth and how it still inspires them to this day. You have to admire a gardener who has taken such good care of their tools that they are still using them 50 years later. I picked a few of my favourite comments to share here.

There is always something to be learned from our elders – and they love to share their knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask.

#lethbridgegardening #pruningtoolmaintenance


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