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Invest in Quality Pruning Tools

Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A

Don’t scrimp when it comes to your tools. Investing in well made pruning tools can make the task of trimming your trees and shrubs a breeze for years. If well maintained, they can last you a life time. A bargain pair at the wholesale outlet might make it through one year. If you have to buy new tools every year, you are likely to end up spending more money in the long run. Keeping them rust free and all hinges or moving parts oiled ensure you get a clean cut every time. Crud cutter is good to keep sap from gumming them up. A mister with bleach keeps them sterilized. I keep a handy little sharpener in my tool kit for spot sharpening on the job and leave bigger tasks for the shop. Have them professionally sharpened at the beginning of the season.

Pocket Sharpeners make a great stocking stuffer that be used for scissors, etc. in addition to your outdoor tools. Look for these quality tools at your local professional garden centre, arborist supply store. This gives you the ability to try the tool in your hand vs on-line buying.

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