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My journey to become an Arborist was not straight. I had plans to go to Art School but reality sunk in and I went to business college and studied to become a legal secretary. My first job was at the U of A as a clerk at the Law Faculty typing exams and correspondence for my pool of Law Professors. I was the only operator of the latest invention (now I am dating myself a bit) a Micom memory typewriter with floppy disks the size of dish plates. Seems to me you could only store a few pages of data on one.

So as the daylight lessens I commit once again to my professional development. I will be attending two professional development events this winter to increase my understanding of my trade and to learn from experts in their discipline. Some of the best learning comes from talking to like minded professionals outside of my own market area – they are not threatened by sharing their knowledge. I can learn about trends in other communities which helps gauge when and if they will be issues here. Being self employed requires having a good understanding of all aspects of running a business not just the ability to perform the service. I am also going to be working with Greg at ActionCOACH to improve my skills as a business owner. With one year under my belt as the Ladybug Arborist, there are good lessons to be learned with someone who makes a living helping businesses improve and grow. This is one of the great benefits of winning the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge and I am really looking forward to it to serve my clients and their trees better.

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