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BENEFITTING YOUR URBAN OASIS Posted by Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A This is the philosophy I am basing my new business on. Having cared for trees in Lethbridge over the past 15 years, I reaffirm my decision every day as to why I became a Certified Arborist. I have had the great pleasure to meet many fantastic people and tended some of most amazing trees an Arborist could hope to have the privilege to work on.

My love of trees has encouraged me to learn as much as possible so I can truly make a difference in this industry. By combining my training, on-going professional development and the knowledge that only comes with seeing the results of my work, I offer the best possible care for your valuable green assets. I work with clients to help identify priorities that addresses their concerns, the needs of the trees – all within their budget. This may result in a long term plan that spreads the cost of tree care over a prescribed period. Establishing a regular maintenance plan is more cost effective.

My mission is to improve the health, safety and enjoyment of your Urban Oasis. To accomplish this, I have assembled a team of highly qualified professionals that enables Ladybug Arborists to offer both residential and commercial customers the following services:

  1. Pruning of Trees and Shrubs

  2. Removals and Stump Grinding

  3. Tree, Shrub and Floral Fertilization Programs

  4. Insect and Disease Diagnosis and Controls

  5. Tree Condition and Hazard Risk Assessments

  6. Large Site Management Strategies

  7. Independent, Unbiased Landscape Plan Evaluations

  8. Tree Valuations for Insurance Claims

  9. Protection Planning for Trees Near Construction Activities

  10. Development of Tree Care Specifications for Tenders

  11. Personalized On-Site Training Programs

  12. Public Speaking and Workshop Delivery

As an arborist that doesn’t think flowers are something you step on to get to the real work, I will also be offering my customers value added services including:

  1. Invasive Plant ID and Weed Control

  2. Floral Garden Planting and Maintenance

  3. Yard Sitting and Watering During Prolonged Absences

  4. Planting and Transplanting

  5. Composting, Soil Amendments and Rototilling

You may of heard me say “What would I do if it was my yard?” Here is a peak at what Grant and I do. Compare the before and after. I would love to help you create that Urban Oasis of your own.








Watch for regular posts on a wide range of topics on tree and plant health care, plant profiles and tree features, links to organizations and events, and much more.


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