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Show Your Support for Great Community Cause

Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A

I have been privileged to get to know the Board and Committee members of the Friends of Westminster School Society. This energetic group of people are working towards the creation of a new multi-aged playground open to all. The committee is a great blend of school staff, parents, business people and citizens at large. The proposed location will be nestled between the Westminster Pool and the tennis courts. The plans include barrier free areas, tots, youth and teen apparatus, sitting areas and reclamation of the old playground. They have set a target date of fall, 2014 to begin construction. As an arborist, you might wonder how I fit into the picture. One of their primary concerns was the potential impact construction might have on the existing trees on the school grounds. Anyone from the Northside will know about Ol’Westy, a Landmark Heritage Cottonwood that is 107 years old. It received its official name by the residents of the Neighbourhood and was designated as an Alberta Heritage Tree in 2006 (on it’s 100th birthday). I am happy to donate my expertise on what is shaping up to be a wonderful addition to one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the City. Thus far, they have had great support have raising nearly $40,000 towards the $220,000 goal in their first year. There are many ways to get involved – donations that include financial and in-kind support (such as your technical expertise like me), your equipment or labour resources, or support them with items for their raffles and auctions. The fund raising committee can find the right fit for your business mission and goals or you personally. Keep up on all the news, announcements and events at: Facebook Link They have also been blessed with the donation of a website design which should be ready for launch sometime in May.

If you are business owner or resident, and want to help them achieve their goals, please be sure to join them on May 9th. Come enjoy some food, learn about the project, shop for great gifts at their auction and dance. Share this link and/or poster, tell a friend or bring one!

It will be fun for the entire family.


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