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TREEAZIN – An amazing alternative to Spraying for Insects

Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A

Having just completed the training for the TreeAzin applications with BioForest Technologies Inc., I am even more excited about the value of this newly registered closed system for pest control. Even better is that it is a botanical extract made from neem tree seed kernels. hence their slogan “Trees Saving Trees”. The joint venture between BioForest Technologies Inc. and the Canadian Forest Service over the last several years has resulted in measurable results and high standards for safety. For many people, the idea of pesticides is out of the question. By doing nothing at all, you risk losing a tree or affecting others in your neighborhood. This offers up a biological solution to pest control.

It seems that every year (after several years of damage) a new pest or disease issue is confirmed. It then takes more time to find controls. Over this same period, millions of trees die. The cost of disposal, replacement and lost environmental value is hard to measure. For those of us on the Prairies, we have to work extra hard to grow a tree. This helps us preserve them in an environmentally sustainable way. In Eastern Canada, where they are battling numerous tree killing issues such Emerald Ash Borer, BioForest has been able to identify control of numerous other pests such as tent caterpillar, gypsy moth, mountain pine beetle, sawflies, and birch leaf miner. Research trails are ongoing as they are finding interesting results on other pests which were not part of their initial research trials.

Aside from being applied directly into the tree avoiding issues such as drift and overspray, the product has been proven to offer TWO YEARS control compared to traditional insect spraying. Treated trees can be growing in the shadow of highly infested ones without consequence.

Another amazing statistic is that, even though the product remains in the tree, it is not present in leaf litter so other beneficials (such as earthworms) are not at risk within composters or green waste recycling programs.

If you are interested in this type of service, applications are currently underway for this season. Please contact us at 403 634-3062 or by contacting Grant at 403 327-9109.

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