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Upcoming Garden Events, Speakers, etc.

Lethbridge Hort Society Events you May want to Take In During Their Monthly meetings at the Public Library, 7 pm: March 25 Dennis Connolly a professor at the U of L Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science will talk about his passion – sundials. Today most people who have sundials in their garden use them for decoration rather than as a way of keeping time. The sun will always rise in the morning & set at night, making sundials one of the most reliable methods of telling time. Dennis hopes to tell everyone how to make a sundial that works in Lethbridge. You may want to look at the Analemmatic Sundial at the back of the Chinook School on the west side before the meeting. April 22 Lori Harasem was selected as one of 100 Canadians to train with Al Gore on the Climate Reality Project in 2012. She lives in Coalhurst with her husband, pets and children, and has tried to live as earth-friendly a lifestyle for as long as she can remember, after seeing the effects of clear-cut logging as a teenager growing up in the Okanagan in the 1980s. She is excited to share with people that while the climate is changing, it is not too late to change the impact we are making and that everyone can do some things to make a difference. A greener lifestyle also means living healthier and more affordably so it makes sense for many reasons. Lori will include information about how climate change, not only is the temperature changing, but also the moisture events that effect the growth of plants. Plants are important as being the thing we rely on to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as being a major food source.

OTHER EVENTS OF NOTE Video conference series presented at the West side Crossing library, times 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This series of horticulture presentations is hosted by Olds Municipal Library. Wednesday April 3 – Before Pesticides Wednesday May 1 – The New Face of Ancient Grains ***** April 13 is the date for the first clean up of the Galt Museum garden of the season. We’ll start at 10:00 a.m. & go till 3:00 p.m.; the Galt will give us lunch. Bring your own tools like gloves, hand pruners, trowels, kneeling pads, etc. Hopefully the weather will co-operate. ***** Annual plant sale is May 25th so as you plant seedlings or divide your perennials please keep the sale in mind. We would appreciate it if everything you bring is potted up & labeled. Of course we can always use help the day of the sale & I will keep you informed as to the venue, etc. ***** The Board has been thinking about a possible van/bus tour in June to gardens such as the Reader Rock Garden in Calgary. If we can organize it are you interested? Marion Jankunis is the director looking into this; let her know if it’s worth her work to plan. Contact Marion at 403-381-9118 or email ***** July 6 will be the date of our Lethbridge Hort Society Annual Garden Tour. The tour will run from 9 a.m. to noon at which time ticket holders can have lunch & hear Lyndon Penner speaker about ‘Lessons Learned in the Garden’. Marion is currently working on obtaining the gardens. Would you like your garden on the tour? Do you know of a wonderful garden? Give Marion Jankunis a call at 403-381-9118 or email


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