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Why Hire a Consulting Arborist?

Maureen Sexsmith-West ISA Certified Arborist, PR4600A

The real distinction between a Consulting Arborist and a production company (who may employ Certified Arborists) is that they provide independent technical expertise rather than perform the work. They offer advanced training in problem diagnosis, tree appraisals, risk assessments and management planning. Their opinions are unbiased and fact/science based. They are prepared to defend their findings in court should a law suit be required when disputes over tree ownership, tree values or damage by a third party are involved. A consulting arborist will provide an opinion and a written report that becomes the basis for an action plan. Using the prepared specifications, companies are invited to provide an estimate for the prescribed work and only that work. A Consulting Arborist is often excluded from the estimating process even if they are capable of performing many of the services they are recommending. More often, they are employed to assist with selecting a qualified contractor and to oversee the contract to ensure that the contractors follow the tendered specifications. They should be able to interpret and understand local issues and are familiar with laws pertaining to trees in the community they serve. When should you hire an independent consultant? Services a Consulting Arborist can offer you:

Tree Appraisals

Ever wonder what a tree is worth? This is question that is most often asked by insurance companies after a tree is damaged. Appraisals can be useful tools when determining real estate values. They are used by homeowners and by municipalities alike. For managers of larger urban forests it can help to increase appreciation for community trees or to help with budget preparation. Landscape Planning and Supervision Landscape projects can be costly. A Consulting Arborist can review your plans to evaluate plant selections and planting plans, identify over planting potential and offer aftercare suggestions. They can oversee installations to ensure trees are healthy at the onset and properly planted. Since they have no potential gain from the number or size of plants being installed, they can be objective. Pre-Construction Tree Protection Planning

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